Bug Bounty

Bug Bounty Program

We are excited to announce our Bug Bounty Program aimed at enhancing the security and reliability of Gable V2. We invite everyone to help us identify and resolve any technical issues. Our program covers two main areas: technical bugs in the backend contract and front-end bugs.


  1. Back-End Contract Bugs

    • Critical Severity: Bugs that could result in a total failure of the contract. Resolving this failure woud require the isolation of custody/funds, and a upgrade of the contract.

    • High Severity: Bugs that could cause partial loss of funds, severe degradation of service, or major security vulnerabilities.

    • Medium Severity: Bugs that affect functionality or performance without immediate serious consequences.

  2. Front-End Bugs

    • Critical Severity: Bugs that cause the front-end to crash or result in a complete loss of user functionality.

    • High Severity: Bugs that significantly impair the user experience or expose sensitive user information.

    • Medium Severity: Bugs that cause minor disruptions or have a moderate impact on user experience.


Rewards will be issued based on the severity of the reported bugs:

Backend Contract Bugs

  • Critical Severity: Up to 500.000 $GAB

  • High Severity: Up to 100.000 $GAB

  • Medium Severity: Up to 10.000 $GAB

Front-End Bugs

  • Critical Severity: Up to 100.000 $GAB

  • High Severity: Up to 50.000 $GAB

  • Medium Severity: Up to 10.000 $GAB

Submission Guidelines

  1. Bug Summary: Submit a clear and detailed summary of the bug with screenshots, including steps to reproduce, potential impact, and suggested fixes (if available).

  2. Responsible Disclosure: Do not publicly disclose the bug until it has been fixed and you have received permission to do so.

Terms and Conditions

  • All submissions must be your original work.

  • Only the first report of a specific bug will be eligible for a reward.

  • We reserve the right to adjust the reward amount based on the quality of the report and our internal assessment of the bug’s impact.

  • Our decision on the severity classification and reward amount is final.

How to Participate

To 1) participate in back-end bug bounty or 2) submit your bug, please reach out via below channels:

  1. Mail: contact@gable.finance

  2. Telegram: @GableFinance

  3. Discord: @GableFinance

Include all necessary information as outlined in the Submission Guidelines.

Thank you for helping us improve the security and reliability of our platform!

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