We are pleased to share Gable's roadmap of 2024 (and beyond) with you!

The upcoming year promises a series of exciting new updates and features. Shaping Gable into a leading lending protocol. Below, you'll discover the key highlights of our high-level roadmap:

05-2024 Single Page Web App

The user interface for both V1 and V2 of the Gable protocol is set to be consolidated into a unified single-page web app. Functioning as the protocol's front page from a user's perspective. This web app promises a significant enhancement in user experience and overall accessibility to the protocol.

The exact deployment date will be announced closer to the deadline.

05-2024 V2: Bug Bounty Program

A bug bounty program of Gable V2 on Stokenet will be initiated in June. The bug bounty program rewards findings spanning frontend to contract-related bugs. Rewards vary based on impact tiers: small, medium, or high, reflecting potential material impact. This approach incentivizes thorough bug identification and resolution for a seamless user experience and operational integrity.

05-2024 V2: Stokenet

In June Gable V2 will be deployed to Stokenet and integrated into the new single page web app. The strategy is to deploy to Stokenet as soon as possible, whilst the single page web app and contract development continues. This will ensure efficient and targeted development, resulting in a faster and more robust production (mainnet) deployment.

06-2024 V2: Liquidity Incentive Program

In June, we will launch a liquidity incentive program. Earn GAB tokens passively by providing liquidity on selected DEXes. This liquidity program will kick of 1 month before the go-live of Gable V2. The exact date will be announced later.

Stay tuned for more details on how you can participate and maximize your rewards through liquidity provisioning.

07-2024 V2: Whitepaper

In July, preceding the Mainnet deployment, the Gable V2 whitepaper will be published.

07-2024: V2: Mainnet (Go-Live!)

In July we are aiming to deploy Gable V2 to Mainnet!

Gable V2 will bring Perpetual Borrowing to the protocol. To give you a high-level taste, this will introduce the following features from the start:

  • LSU(LP) and XRD collateral

  • xUSDC and xUSDT borrowing

  • Borrowers:

    • Collateralised loans

      • Option to stable or variable interest rates. Where stable interest can be rebalanced under certain circumstances.

        • Interest discount for $GAB holders.

        • Dynamic interest rates based on pool utilisation rate and loan-to-value ratio.

        • Indefinite loan maturity. Borrowers are allowed to maintain the loan indefinitely, or repay at any given moment without penalty.

    • Flash loans

      • Flash loans will be available on collateral to generate additional interest.

  • Lenders:

    • Cooldown period of 1 week. A week 1 withdrawal cooldown is introduced as risk management measure, to prevent a potential liquidity crash.

    • xUSD, xUSDT and XRD lending

  • Protocol

    • Reserve threshold. A reserve threshold will be introduced by the protocol, to ensure that a certain percentage of supplied liquidity is available as reserve to manage a potential liquidity crash.

Preceding the actual launch of Gable V2, the following deliverables will be released:

  • Gable V2 whitepaper

  • Single page web app

  • Gable V2 audit

  • Testnet deployment

The exact date will be announced closer to the deadline.

08-2024 - ... V2: Expansion

Gable V2 is highly scalable and upgradeable. The number of accepted loan/supply and collateral tokens will be expended over time.

09-2024 V1.1: Redeployment

The decommissioning of Gable V1 progresses smoothly. We anticipate redeploying an updated version, V1.1, by September.

11-2024 Governance Framework

After the release of Gable V2, any modifications and updates will be proposed and subject to democratic approval through a governance protocol, with the GAB token serving as the governance token.

Before the official implementation of governance protocol changes and updates, consultations with the community will precede to ensure transparent and community-driven decision-making.

..-2025 V3

Gable V3: Peer-to-peer lending marketplace.

V3 will revolutionise lending with a peer-to-peer marketplace, directly connecting lenders and borrowers. The thrilling part? V1, V2, and V3 of the protocol can seamlessly coexist in parallel. Stay tuned!

Continuous Objectives

In addition to pre-determined and set milestone, we would like to achieve some continuous objectives:

  • CEX and DEX listing of GAB token

  • Team expansion

  • Extend current protocol versions

    • For instance, incorporating new accepted lending and collateral tokens.

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