1. Dependencies

To get you set-up you first need to meet several key dependencies. These dependencies ensure the smooth functioning and secure execution of flash loans as offered by Gable.

Radix DLT Network

Gable is build on Radix DLT. To interact with Gable's flash loan feature you have to be connected to the Radix DLT network. This can be achieved by setting up the following components:

Radix Wallet and Connector

The Radix Wallet is a mobile app where you can easily view and manage all your accounts and assets, and connect to a limitless variety of decentralised applications (dApps), like Gable's. The wallet offers a user-friendly interface for borrowers to request and repay flash loans, as well as for lenders to provide liquidity and earn interest.

The Radix Connector is a chrome browser extension. The connector lets your Radix Wallet connect to dApp websites.

The radix wallet and connector can be installed by following the guide here.

Radix Account

To be able to interact with any dApp, a personal Radix account is required. This can be created in the Radix Wallet by following the steps as explained by the wallet interface.

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