4. Execute Flash Loan

Now that you know how to tailor your transaction, by using the transaction manifest, to perform an end-to-end flash loan, it is time to learn how to actually execute it.

  1. First of all, to be able to execute any form of transaction, you have to be connected to the Radix network.

  • On desktop, you can do this by connecting to the Radix Wallet phone app, via the Radix wallet extension. This can be achieved by clicking on the "connect" button on the top right screen of any dApp (like gable.finance) or the Radix Dashboard.

  • On phone, you have to have your Radix Wallet phone app opened.

  1. Once connected, the Radix Dashboard (on desktop) or Radix Wallet (on phone) offer a "send tokens/nft" or "send raw transaction" option. The "send raw transaction" option takes in a transaction manifest and processes this into a transaction on the Radix Network.

  2. Press "send" and approve the transaction on your phone accordingly. Your transaction will now be broadcasted to the network.

    • Transaction succeeded: In case that your transaction is succeeded - congrats!

    • Transaction fail: the transaction manifest is sensitive to typo's and minor discrepancies. See below section for more information on potential errors that you can encounter, and how to solve them.

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