Staking Liquidity

Gable's first liquidity pool will utilize staking rewards as a means to collect liquidity. This innovative approach allows liquidity suppliers to leverage their assets twice, (1) by staking and earning staking rewards, and (2) by supplying the staking rewards and earnings interest.
This section will cover the following topics:
  • Introduction: Gain understanding of the concept of supplying liquidity through staking rewards and learn about the associated benefits and drawbacks.
  • APY: learn about the annual percentage yield that is offered by supplying liquidity on Gable, what the APY is comprised of, and how it is derived.
  • Pay-out Scheme: Discover the incentives for supplying liquidity, how earnings are allocated, and why this approach is taken.
  • User Manual: Follow a step-by-step guide on how to supply liquidity, and subsequently how to withdraw.
  • Security and Risks: Learn about the measures taken to ensure the security of liquidity, and resources in general, in the protocol, and what the potential involved risks are.